This past weekend Kandi Burruss, singer, songwriter and cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, married Todd Tucker in a $20,000 wedding dress by Reco Chapple. Ostrich feathers fill out the bottom as the sheer top is bejeweled up to it’s high collar. Tiny, Fantasia, Phaedra and Kandi’s best friend Carmen, made up the bridesmaid court. Mama Joyce is still out trolling us all, publicly spewing her disdain for Todd. Go head Mama Joyce, get that coin and give Kandi a solid story line. We’re sure that the Kandi wedding spin-off will make for good TV.

queen2bWord on the curb is the wedding was a Coming to America theme, which would explain the high collar on the dress. Guess, Kandi was going to the look that Vanessa Calloway rocked as Iman Izzi.

We will hold our verdict on the dress + tiara until more photos are released, but for now we’ll just say Todd looks handsome and that’s a very nice bouquet. And leave this here for posterity….nah what are your thoughts on Kandi’s dress?


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  1. If the ostrich feathers were not there it might have been a very, over the top but, pretty dress…they look nice together though

  2. This dress is awful! Definitely too much going on…the tiara…jeweled neckline…applique…sequins and the ostrich feathered flounced bottom. Her face looks pretty and Todd looks nice but that dress is fighting itself for attention…..

  3. That dress was too big for her personality. Nene would have rocked it. It just doesn’t fit her.

  4. I think its beautiful. In this picture you can’t even see the dress because of the bouquet. I saw them in a another magazine and she looked stunning.

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