This is one of my favorite protective styles, as super simple for anyone to achieve. All you need is a hair tie, bobby pins and some marley/kinky hair which is available at any and every beauty supply store. My tutorial is specifically aimed at those with kinky hair or thick hair that’s usually harder to get into one ponytail without blowdrying it a bit straight first. This is my method for getting my hair into the bun without heat and how I slick down my edges, cause I understand the struggle of being a kinky 4c and laying them edges dooooowwwn.

Here’s how I accomplish this stylish bun ‘do that’s great as a protective style, work hair style or just a simple style that allows you to get through a busy week while keeping it cute without too much of a time commitment.

P.S. Shout to my Soror who is running for Eastern Region Director, I was purely tickled to see her rocking my empress bun ‘do in her announcement photos!

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