Retro ‘fro on deck! Capelli Care was a sponsor at out ¬†BlackHairKitchen expo and they sent us some rollers to try out and review. With them I created a retro ‘fro look that I wore to the Chic N’ the City event I hosted in Washington DC, September 2013.

The Capelli Care Halo Rollers are suppose to be great for roller setting your hair without direct heat. The pockets in the rollers allow your hair to dry quicker and the combs ¬†in the roller ensure a defined curl. I used these rollers, size medium, with the Shea Moisture Setting Lotion on old hair that was dampened with water. The halo curlers worked great and gave me a big curly ‘fro, that I loved. The Shea Moisture Setting Lotion, no so much. It did nothing for my hair and the glycerin in the product counteracted any hold that might have been found in the product. Walked into the damp weather and my hair just puffed right up. I was able to play off since it was such a retro look to begin with it. But I was not a happy camper.


I have since used the Shea Moisture Setting Lotion to flexi-rod my weaves/extensions and it’s been great with that! A nice soft hold that lasts a few weeks until I wash it. However on my kinky hair, that needs to be moisturized with other products this setting lotion wasn’t and ain’t it. The rollers are good for creating an easy big fluffy look over night or even just letting it set for 2 hours (if you use the right products). No complaints with the rollers.

Have any of you tried using the Capelli Care Halo Rollers or Shea Moisture Setting Lotion? Let me know and post your pics in the comments below!

Watch the video tutorial of the style here:


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  1. Jouelzy, I just want to thank you so much. I have been able to do 3 hairstyles in the past week. of which I could not do in the past 3 years. I am finally proud to be natural. The past 3 yrs have been hell on me and my hair and my self esteem, but I kept it moving because I knew one day someone with my 4c hair type would show up and show me how to do my hair that makes me feel beautiful and confident. Voila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you showed up. Every hairstyle that I’ve tried has been successful. I do believe that there is discrimination in the hair community. But I don’t want to feed into negativity. I’m just happy that I found your channel. Girl please don’t leave a 4C sista out here on her own, lol. Thanks again. Now I just have to get a denman brush. Woohoo

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