Daughter’s been rocking box braids for much of this winter and although her hair benefitted from the protective style Nia, understandably, has grown a tad bored with the look. This past weekend she requested a change. So after taking out her braids (a Friday evening and all-day Saturday affair), we brewed some tea (sounds ominous, I know), made some flaxseed gel, and whipped up a fresh batch of luscious body butter with cocoa butter, aloe vera butter and other natural goodies and set out to enjoy our Sunday Pamper Me day to the fullest.

The agreed upon hairstyle was chunky twists resulting in a well-defined twist out for school (photos below). The homemade flaxseed gel along with the other products resulted in soft, bouncy hair instead of the stiff, crunchy look and feel often associated with gels.

Products Used

Natural Oasis

Step One: Rinsed Nia’s hair under a steady stream of warm water and massaged her scalp for roughly three minutes. Parted hair in eight sections, spritzed each with Fruits, Herbs & Flowers ACV Rinse Clarifier (root to strands). Massaged and rinsed out.

Step Two: Applied a generous amount of Honey Créme Liquid Balm to hair. Massaged and deep conditioned for 30 minutes under heating cap. Did not rinse out.

Step Three: Spritzed each section with the brewed Fruits, Herbs & Flower Oil-Free Balm. Detangled with detangling brush.

Step Four: Applied a dime size of Honey Gloss & Shine Liquid, homemade flaxseed gel and Herbal Styling Oil to a small section of hair. Brushed to evenly distribute and two-strand twisted. In total there were 24 chunky twists (feature photo).

The following morning used Natural Oasis Finisheen Oil Spray to aid in the twist out. Zero frizz. Zero crunch. Nothing but definition, sheen and bounce.


When your little one gets bored with her hairstyle and wants to switch it up, what are some of your daughter’s favorites? And can anyone tell me what happened to January and February? Blinked a few times and now it’s March. Not complaining, simply means spring is around the corner.


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  1. Your daughter has Fabulous hair! Were the box braids with hair added or just her hair? and how long did you leave them in at a time? Thanks!!

    1. Thanks em! All her. I typically push for one month with box braids, taking them out on a Friday evening so we can wash and rebraid or style on Sunday. You’re quite welcome.

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