I did the unthinkable. I, Jouelzy, a person who has built a decent following based on my hair tutorials and redefining the idea that natural hair is simply curly, chopped off the bulk of my nappy, dry, unmanageable and all the other false constructs people use to define my hair. It’s often perceived that because of my way less than shiny and kinky texture that cutting it into any style other than a ‘fro or box cut isn’t possible. You can’t be cute with shortish hair unless baby hairs are involved, huh? Not so much.

IMG_6588I got my hair cut at World Class Cuts on K Street in Downtown Washington, DC by Eric. For $25 he took my hair from the cropped cut I had in coils, to a fly tapered cut. I had no clue what I wanted, other than the sides shorter and Eric did the damn thing. I think I caught him off guard with how low I wanted my hair cut, but I really wanted to get a gradient effect on the sides that looks extra amazing with my kink. Eric got that. If you’re thinking about getting your hair cut there, be sure to make an appointment. He’s ALWAYS busy & booked, with male and female clients.

Now on to the straight look. Yes, my hair is still natural. No, I do not plan to wear it straight all the time. I love the look, but I also love my natural hair, so I’ll have more tutorials playing around with my hair without heat.

Let’s get on to this flat iron tutorial.

I am admittedly, not the best with the flat iron, however I’ve found a technique that works well for me and provides me with the perfect results. Also not, this is one of the hair styles that is definitely more about achieving the look, that growing super duper long hair. More of a special occasion style, for those who want to grow hair faster & longer. And maybe something I would do once every other month, if I just want healthy hair but don’t care about retaining super long lengths.

Tools needed:

  1. Flatiron
  2. Fine tooth comb
  3. Heat Protectant
  4. Shine Hair Spray (*Optional)

It is often said to flat iron clean hair, with no prior products or oils other than heat protectants. I’ve done this before and got pretty good results on my 4C Natural Hair. But I found that the style didn’t last long enough for me, because my hair got dry and stiff in about 2 days. I don’t care for re-moisturizing flat ironed hair because heat protectants are chock full of silicones, which block anything else from penetrating the hair shaft. There fore anything, you put on top of a heat protectant will simply coat your hair.  So I washed and moisturized my hair two days prior to flatironing. This allowed for the product to dry up a bit, give me time to stretch it (I wore it in cornrows) and have a good base for my hair.

To flat iron,

1. I added a small drop of heat protectant and worked it through my hair. A good heat protectant should definitely have silicone in it. I used the Motions Straight Finish Sealer Serum. Very little needed. Do NOT overload with bulky product.

2. I sprayed a Thermal Shine hair spray that I received with my curling wand from Flat Iron Experts. I just wanted to bulk up on silicone so I would get a silky finish that had shine. This is an optional step.

3. My hair was THOROUGHLY detangled to the point that I could pass a fine tooth comb through it with no problem. This is the most important step.

4. Taking a small section, comb it with a small tooth comb from root to ends. Place the flat iron at the root of your hair and pull it down. You can use the comb to do the “chase method” (I kind of did that), where you place the comb in front of the flat iron and pull it down simultaneously with the flat iron.

5. Curl as you go along, by twirling the flat iron and flipping the hair over the flat iron.

6. Set at night by pin curling with two prong clips and wrapping with scarf.

Style should last for 1-2 weeks.

That’s it. You can use this technique to flat iron your whole head or do a modified version of this look by bobby pinning, flattwisting or cornrowing the sides of your hair up into a faux tapered look.

Watch the video for the visual tutorial!

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  1. Cute cut & very thorough post – you pretty much answered all of my questions. I was mainly wondering if you planned to rock it straight most of the time. It looks great straight and I’m sure it will look cute curly as well.

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