Admittedly, as women, we’re so keenly focused on our hair journey we neglect to recognize the journey isn’t exclusively our own. Natural hair care isn’t gender specific. It’s a concern for men as well. Men want and desire to look good from follicles to soles just as we do and in some cases, even more.

My little-big-young-grown man (to a mother her son will always embody these descriptors even as he towers over her) is a few weeks shy of eighteen, months from prom and high school graduation and before 2014 chucks up the deuces, will be a “fresh mind” away at college challenging faculty and student body alike. This post is a nod to him and therefore your sons and the men in your sphere.

Although our hair care routines vary, the products do not. Husband and son can always purchase their own hair products, they prefer not to. This blasé dismissal hasn’t lessened opinionated rhetoric: they prefer this product over another; this one smells “decent” and the other “delicious.” In our home, whatever I purchase the entire family uses, provided the fragrance isn’t deemed “feminine,” “girly,” or even “too fruity” by the testosterone ones.

Today, both husband and son use some, not all, products from the Natural Oasis line, opting for a far simpler routine since they wash their hair nightly. Once our son realized the concentrated clarifying rinse was primarily ACV he empathically stated, “I don’t want to smell like grandpa.” Ha! (Upon sharing health benefits found in products or food with my father, the man will literally OD on application and consumption.) “Love ya, Dad. And nevermind your grandson. You don’t smell like OACV … all the time.”

Husband rocks a Caesar cut while our son … well, at the moment, a tapered afro. He also has this James Harden thing going on with his facial hair. Buried somewhere underneath all that hair is the face of my firstborn. Kinda miss it.

Products Used

Natural Oasis

Step One: Nightly wash with light spritz of diluted Fruit, Herbs & Flowers ACV Rinse Clarifier.

Step Two: Moisturize with Honey Gloss & Shine Liquid Balm and Herbal Styling Oil.

Neglected Step: Brush nor comb will be introduced to my son’s fro. He’s all about “keeping the natural natural.”



Natural Oasis products were purchased, not gifted. Nor did I or have I financially benefitted from a single word of effusive praise written about these products. That said, when we first received them my son was, “I’m not switching. I’m sticking with products that shall not be named those.” However, after smelling and seeing the difference in my hair and his sister’s, dude leapt, not crept. All other products henceforth forgotten.


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ItsSimpleMR (Michelle Richardson), author of the contemporary series Experience Life from a Different Perspective, believes there is so much more to people of color than currently depicted in all forms of media. Through written word, speaking engagements, one-on-one or group sessions, Michelle is determined to show a more positive side to our relationships. For more about Michelle, visit her  website.

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  1. I know I have 2girls and 2 boys. My oldest 18 & leaving mama this year too 🙁 keeps a TWA that curls wonderfully because he listens to mama the 14 strutting a High top fade like he invented something smh I swear… both of them enjoy their own products from Obia. Hubby slaps some coconut oil on his (because I want one) baldy (yeah right) 😉

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