Well look at Gawd. Our favorite Queen to be, Kanye West, has won after a series of public rants about the lack of his bae’s recognition as a fashion icon. There were a series of reports that Kanye had confronted the original ice queen, Ms. Wintour, about the selection of Lena Dunham on a recent cover of Vogue, questioning her decision to “pick a fat white chick over my bish…look her at Giuseppe’s!”.  My jokes suck, sorry. I just want to know what their conversations are like, does Kim just giggle all the day? I imagine she repeats what ‘Ye says with a different inflection, in effort to sound somewhat deep. Who knows. They rich with no concerns of Sallie Mae, so I’ll be happy for them on that front.  We’re sure the internet will be over run with plenty of fodder once the April cover hits stands in the coming weeks. Plus any reason to use this gif is a good one 🙂

Oh and they’re pimping out Nori too. She is a cute one.


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