Curly, kinky, wavy weave is always in season. And for the ladies who are looking to protect their strands during the winter time, those with natural hair tend to go for the kinky textures and you know that Mongolian (girl, it’s really Chinese) curly is always a popular pick. But have you noticed that your curls are looking a bit limp or dull? Has that Brazillian wave faded? Well BHK is here to help. Here’s how to re-up your stash of curly, kinky or wavy weaves and bring them back to illustrious life.

silicon mix shampoo 16ozShampoos

Shampoos really aren’t that important. If you’re putting a lot of silicone based products which would be the case for most heat protectants, then just make sure to use a shampoo with sulfate (SLS). Our recommendation is the Silicone Mix shampoo.


0076559100470_500X500Now here’s what really brings your hair back to life, the conditioner! For a quick pick me up, we suggest the Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Deep Conditioner or the Coconut Shea Deep Conditioner. I’ve been using the Eden Bodyworks Jojoba Deep Conditioner for the past month and my extensions have been rippling with shine. It’s cheap and available at just about every major retailer + beauty supply store! Depending on wear, you should condition your hair every 2-4 weeks and you can do a quick co-wash or deep condition as needed.

conditionerFor the extra dried out hair that’s been color processed go with the Silicone Mix Conditioner, you can find that at most local beauty supply stores, but it’s also available (and cheaper) from If you’re hair is the most dire of conditions you can also boil your hair in water + deep conditioner mix. I used the Silicone Mix after I over bleached some wefts and it definitely brought the curls back to life after letting the hair sit for a short 15 minutes and then rinsing. Life, hunty!

Don’t forget to brush your tangles out with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush while you have the conditioner in the hair!

Have you tried any of these conditioners? Have a question about getting the best out of your extensions? Let us know in the comments down below.

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