Yes! You read the title right. Here’s a simple and easy tutorial on how to crochet braid with a BOBBY PIN! It’s super duper simple and you can use any type of hair, as long as your able to loop it and tie it into a knot without any problems. So basically, any type of bulk hair would do. I suggest sticking to synthetic hair because it’s cheaper and this is a style that you will more than likely cut of your hair when you are done with it, no need to waste your coins.

I’ve done this style twice after watching Susy’s video, where she used Freetress Bulk Bohemian Hair to crochet into her hair. Both times I used left over Marley Hair that I had lying around. I don’t know how many packs, but cause it was left over from various styles, but I would estimate around 3-4 packs of hair would get the job done, depending on the volume you wanted. I’ve done this is style with some hair left out and my hair blended well. I’ve also done it with no leave out, which I prefer because it’s less hassle.

Here are the steps & some helpful tips for this simply grand protective style:

1. Whether you leave hair out or keep this as a completely protective style, your braid pattern should be straight back.

2. Push the head of the bobby pin halfway through your braid. You should have enough of the bobby pin pushed through to loop hair through it.

3. Take your hair and loop it through the opening of the bobby pin, pulling it through until the ends of the hair match up.

4. Pull the bobby pin back through the braid, carrying the hair through, until you’ve pulled through enough hair to grasp it.

5. Pull ends of hair through the loop of hair.

6. If using a silkier texture of hair, that has some slip, you can tie a second knot.

7. Complete until head is done or you’ve reached the desired volume of hair!

Yes that is it. No really! The first time I did this style it took my about 2 hours, as I only did half of my head, because Marley hair gets super big so fast. And I was fine with only having half of my head done, you wouldn’t be able to tell unless I flipped my hair over. To complete my entire head took about 4 hours, but this isn’t nearly as labor intensive as sewing in a weave or braiding hair. It’s pretty mindless, so it didn’t feel like that long.

You can get this hair wet, wash it if you want to. Really depends on the type of hair you used. I find that Marley hair tangles fast, so I only left this style in for 3 weeks each time and didn’t wash it – because I didn’t have the patience to.

Am I missing anything? Questions? Don’t talk yourself out of trying this style. If you want to practice, grab some $1 Kankeleon hair and give it a whirl. Promise it’s just that easy.

Watch the video below for a visual tutorial on how to achieve this great look.

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  1. I would assume that your braids would have to be sturdy? I am a mediocre braider…maybe I can find someone to braid for me lol….anyways this looks really nice! I want to try it.

  2. I did this hair style, but I found that the Marley hair was very dry. I know Marley hair is synthetic hair, but do you have any suggestions on how to moisturize or keep the hair looking shiny?

  3. I’m glad to have found your site. I like the idea of leaving the edges out so I can have a seamless ponytail, trying this soon….thanks for the inspiration!

  4. In the text it says to braid straight back..but in the vid, i see you braided along the hairline in the front. were the front braids your leave out hair?

    1. Hi, Andria
      The braids along the front and side of her head; was the leave out hair. Have a great day!

  5. It’s almost unbelievable how simple this is… I’m so excited to give it a try! Thanks a lot for this this tutorial!

  6. This looks so easy I gotta try it. I like that you used a hair pin b/c I see crochet needles getting stuck in some people’s hair.
    Thanks so much

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