Can You Flat Iron 4C Natural Hair?

Can You Flat Iron 4C Natural Hair?

September 3, 20135Comments

Haven’t you heard? Word on the curb is that ladies with the extra kink cannot get any amount of heat to tame their hair into straight tresses for a temporary switch up. Girl, that’s lies, tales and fallacies. With some patience, the right product and a good flat iron it most definitely can be done.

So what’s the trick to getting your hair to flat iron straight?

1. Use the right products.
No glycerin at all and no oil heavy products. Make sure you do this on CLEAN hair to avoid your hair poofing right back up. A good heat protectant is a must. So definitely use products that are geared towards you using heat on your hair. They will be specially formulated to moisturize your hair and protect it form the heat.

2. Style in small sections
Yes the smaller the sections, the better your hair will come out. Patience is a virtue we all need to cultivate and this would be the perfect time to start.

3. Keep your flat iron below 325Ā° or below
We’re not trying to burn our hair off here.

Check out my video below to see how I used the Motions Straight Finish kit to flat iron my hair. The kit included the Motions Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner, Straight Finish Sealer and (sulfate) Shampoo – which I didn’t use, along with a flat iron. The items are available for individual purchase at most major retailers and beauty supply stores.

This look was created back in May and you can see plenty of pics/videos of my hair since then. Absolutely no heat damage occurred.



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