Humidity can be the damn devil. You got some popping curls after your perfected your twist & rod, then as soon as you stepped out the door…poof be gone. Your curly do’ has turned into something pufftastic. What a gwan?

A lot of moisturizing hair products have glycerin in them. For the highly textured, kinky ladies – glycerin can be our best friend and biggest frustration. You definitely do not need to avoid glyercin. You want it in your hair products, you just want the right amount for the style you are trying to achieve. So here are some quick tips that can help ease the frustration and lead you down the path to fly summer time curls that are soft & bouncy.

1. Do NOT style your hair wet.
Glycerin attracts moisture. Water is moisture. Your hair will NEVER dry if you put a glycerin heavy product on it fresh out the shower.

2. For curly styles, don’t use products that have glycerin in the top 5 ingredients
The order in which ingredients are listed on hair products, typically dictates how much of that ingredient was used. Main ingredients are always listed first. You do NOT want glycerin as a main ingredient if you want your curls to last.

3. Give glycerin heavy products time to dry out.
Most glycerin heavy products are the BEST for the full luscious twist out. But you will have to find the fine balance of getting and then keeping that great definition. Use very little of the product to start and then try to keep your hair in the twists for several days before you release the twists. This will give the product time to dry up and your hair to set.

4. Style on dirty hair.
I love me some Shea Moisture, but they are glycerin, glycerin, and more glycerin heavy products. I’ve found that they work best as mid-week refreshers. I don’t know if it’s the other products counter acting the glycerin or that it can’t fully penetrate the hair shaft, but as light refreshers to reset my hair, they work grand.

Check the video below and let us know what are your experiences with glycerin!

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