product-cleansing-puddingEveryone raves about the As I Am Coconut Co-Wash and various styling products. But it’s been pretty hush on the review front with regards to the Cleansing Pudding, a moisturizing sulfate-free cleanser. Chock full of moisturizing agents and saw palmetto (which has been linked to helping with male pattern baldness), this cleanser definitely cleaned my scalp and left my hair feeling soft.

It is NOT a moisturizer. Do not let this sit in your hair for too long or use it as though it is a deep conditioner. I noticed if I left it in for too long, like 15 minutes,┬ámy hair ended up feeling a little too stripped. If you have extra dry hair, like myself, I would definitely recommend following this up with a conditioner. Some may be able to get away with just using this cleanser and skipping right on to styling. Also if you use products with silicone, this will not thoroughly clean your hair. In order to remove most silicones you will have to use a sulfate shampoo, in order to prevent product build up. However, this Cleansing Pudding is great cleanser for those who are the curly girl method or generally don’t use products with silicone. Even if you do use silicones you can use this intermittently with your sulfate shampoo.

You can buy the As I Am Cleansing Pudding on Amazon (and check other reviews!)

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