There’s a Subscription Service for Everything: Including Your Period.

This has to be one of the funniest ads ever.”The red badge of courage” at Camp Gyno is simply hilarious as it features a young girl talking very candidly about that special time of the month. No blue liquid tests, flouncy dresses or a beach volleyball are featured. It’s all tampons, a Dora with a ketchup bottle attached (just laugh), menstruation, periods, vaginas and cramps.

HelloFlo is a monthly subscription service that’s geared towards women during that obnoxious time of month. I’m not a big fan of the month subscription services, as I’ve seen very few that are really worth the money, but this is quite a good idea. You can select a plan from $14-$18 based on your ‘flo’ (light-heavy) and it comes with tampons/pads to get you through your cycle + snacks and treats that subdue your cravings. What I really like though, is the $34.95 starter kit to help young women with their first cycle. It includes a guide for the parents and one for the girl. It’s a relatively good deal, especially for single Fathers or young women who get their period during their family Bible study and Father’s make them drink half a bottle of Pepto Bismol because their Mother can’t catch the hints that they are trying to drop. I’m sure I couldn’t be the only one :/

via Buzzfeed

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