Natural Hair and Marriage: Advice to the Newly Wed Natural

Sean and Pastaveia -Brunch2012 In a recent conversation I had with a young lady who was considering going natural but she was afraid of her own and her husband’s reaction. It was after coming back from their honeymoon, where she realized that she restricted herself from certain activities because of her glorious mane. She wanted to be sexy and picture-perfect during their time on the islands.

However now since their return she wants to live her life with fewer restrictions, especially those concerning her hair. I told her it was a great idea and also not dwell on the reaction of her husband too much, in the end, its only hair.

In my case going natural was the door to open, while I was on a journey for eating and living a healthier lifestyle. The world of natural and organic products was foreign to me and I did not give a second thought to the long-term effects of products, not to mention reading the ingredients. It was an eye-opening experience for me, one that I shared with my spouse.

Marriage is about growing, supporting one another and embracing change together. During the course of time our bodies will change both from child rearing, if we are blessed to carry a child and age. As women we should not let something so small, such as hair, have such an immense power in our lives.

While there are those who will disagree and argue the point of having to “look good” and having your hair “layed chile” in order to keep yo’ man, it’s not, unless you fuel it and continue to give that type of thinking, power.

This July, my husband and I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. I have been natural for the last four years and to my surprise, he enjoys my hair in its natural state. “It fits you more”, he’s said and “I can play with it and not worry about messing it up.”  


For all those who are considering going natural, newly married or not, try it. You will be amazed by the level of knowledge you will encounter and learn more about yourself. And for those of you, who prefer not be natural, do what works best for you.

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