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Moroccan Oil Hair TreatmentI’m back again with another hair serum product review! I have been using this oil on my weaves for around two years now, and I keep on going back. Why? Well lets take a look at the product details first. Its marketed as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Its Argan oil based, alcohol free, and packed with nourishing antioxidants and vitamins to help repair hair that has been damaged by over processing, environmental factors and chemical procedures. I’ll now proceed to translate that into information that is not so cryptic.

Pros: It is the lightest oil I have ever used, leaving no product buildup or greasy residue. It’s also awesome for detangling. The other day, after a particularly interesting night out, I washed my hair while hungover and inadvertently created a huge weave dreadlock at the back of my head. I used this oil to help tease out the knots and it was great. It’s also good for eliminating frizz, and it gives tired curls a new lease of life. I use it to moisturise my natural hair, and it lasts a long time. It gives the hair a healthy sheen, not shine and is absorbed quickly. I prefer to use it on dry hair but it can also be used while the hair is wet.

Cons: The price. Oh Lord, the price. At $45/£30 for a 100ml bottle the price is heart stopping. It will make you a snarling snappy wreck when you buy it, because all your friends will want to use ‘a bit’, and will end up emptying the bottle. I’m also not too keen on the smell, it was a little too sickly sweet for my taste.

Overall this is a great product, and it keeps me looking fly when I’m short on time but still want to flick my wig and look fly in public. It is expensive but a little goes a long way if you use it sparingly and hide it from your friends. Moroccanoil do a whole load of other products, but from what I have tried I don’t think they are suited to black hair, or even weaves. This product is supposedly only available in salons but a quick Google search will bring up a list of alternative options. I use Feelunique, who ship internationally. Has anyone tried this? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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