Back in late 2007 I was working at Universal Music Publishing Group trying to make the most of my dreams of becoming a music marketing executive. UMPG had recently signed a young singer/songwriter from Philadelphia who had a penchant for writing beautiful love songs, Corey Latif Williams. I was enamored with Corey Latif and even more in love with the recent single he had penned for Musiq Soulchild, “Teachme.” Absolutely love that song and the lyrics are so poignant and honest, Corey Latif instantly became one of my favorite people.

It’s about 6 years later and I recently moved to the Philadelphia area from NYC, Corey Latif was the first person I hit up. But of course it would make too much sense to meet up with him in Philly where we both reside. I ended up catching up with him in NYC and had a chance to interview him because I didn’t want to just keep him and all our inspirational conversations to myself. Corey  is humble, honest and genuine. Speaking with him is always a pick me and so I thought to bring it to you. He stayed focus on his passion even when others doubted and betrayed him. He’s made a success of himself without undermining anyone else. And he’s stayed humble and faithful the whole time.

Now matter the industry you are pursuing your career in, hopefully this interview can provide with you a bit of inspiration to stay focused, honest and driven.

You can find Corey Latif’s music on his: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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  1. Omg, so this is Corey Latiff, I can finally put a face to his music. First time I heard his music I was in high school, which was a while back, when I had my first love (awww) lol! I loveee his lyrics! How old is he? I thought he would be an older guy. Keep it coming Latiff!!!

    *Goes to YT and plays all of his songs*

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