rpgshowRPGShow provides premium stock and custom full lace wigs for the lady that wants to switch up her look without the commitment. Personally I find wigs, whether you make your own or purchase from a supplier, to be the BEST option for protective styling. You can dye it, fry it, chop it up without harming your own precious cuticles. Girl I see you on the road to Bra Strap Length (BSL) hair!! But you still want to show your personality and style through your hair and why not pick up a cute lace wig to do just that.

RPGShow lace wigs are not cheap, but with that price tag comes a high quality product and some great customer service. They have a quick turn around and whether you do a custom order or purchase a stock wig they always have an open line of communication, you just have to wait for a reply on CST (that would be Chinese Standard Time).

I picked the CLS021 Kim Kardashian inspired wig, because it was a completely atypical look for me. I’m use to BIG Va-Va-VOOOOM hair and curls, curls, curls! So this sleek and straight look was something to get use to. My wig is 20″ inches, Yaki texture (you have the option of yaki or silky) and color 1B. The knots are bleached and the hair is just gorgeous. I keep brushing it cause I like how it feels, lol.

I originally curled it because well, I’m just so use to curls. But that wasn’t doing it. So I co-washed it with Dark & Lovely’s Au Naturale Conditioner and let it air dry. It went right back to brand new and I have been shaking my hawaiian silky ever since. My hair is laid to the gawds!

So what’s the downside of this here wig, since I am a coarse hair (4C) natural who is all struggle city with the flat iron, leaving my hair out around the perimeter is NOT an option. I got the Glueless Cap Size 2 (sizing what perfection) but the combs are placed behind the lace. Which makes total sense, but the lace if you pull the hair will slightly lift, especially around the ears. If you don’t plan on leaving any hair out and you want to wig your hair overnight, I would purchase the traditional lace wig cap that you have to glue down. Or alternatively you can get the glueless cap and sew an elastic band from ear to ear around the back to help pull it taunt.

Other than that, I love the look, it just took some getting use to not seeing big hair stare back at me in the mirror. Have you tried any RPGShow lace wigs? Post your pics in the comments (the photo upload button is below the ‘submit’ button).

CLS021 is available for purchase here.

Check out my video review here:


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