Tangle Teezer Original Professional Detangling Hairbrush When I decided to go natural it was obvious that the hair-care tools I used previously wold have to be upgraded. My relaxed hair was very long but quite thin, so I had no real heavy duty combs or brushes. I did what every transitioner does – I rushed to YouTube for details on what I could buy. I can across a whole range of new terms and things I needed to do to take care of my natural hair, but the word that struck the most fear into my heart was ‘de-tangle’. I had flashbacks of tears running down my eyes as my step-mum dragged a rat-tail comb through my long natural hair when I was about 6. It’s not a happy memory and I really don’t wish to relive it! So I set about looking for combs/brushes that would de-tangle my hair without killing me in the process. I came across the Tangle Teezer when I saw a video review, then a friend recommended it to me so I went out to buy it. I’ve had it for about a year now and I’m loving it!

Pros: It’s very cute, it comes in a lot of colours and styles but I got the hot pink original of course. In terms of de-tangling I love it because the bristles are so soft but they still manage to run through y hair without causing any damage. Its waterproof so I use it in the shower all the time and it doesn’t get filled with water. It’s lightweight, fits into the palm of your hand comfortably and it’s just the right size to put in your bag.

Cons: It faded a bit but only on half, so on mine the bristle side is a lighter pink than the back which is kind of weird. I think it may be because I use it wet a lot. The bristles are very soft, so those with denser hair textures than mine (I have mostly S and O curls) may not be able to benefit from it. It also doesn’t do much for me when my hair is dry because of that very reason. It can get slippery in your hands because it is made of plastic.

It retails at a minimum of £10/$15 which is quite a bit for a hairbrush but I think it is well worth the price. It can be found at your local pharmacy or at feelunique.com.

Have you guys tried this? Did it work for you? Let me know what you’re using ladies!


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