jorigngnaturalTo be or not to be natural??? That IS the question!
Any relaxed beauties out there contemplating on going BACK natural? (As I like to say). What about those courageous new transitioning chicks? Whichever department you may fall under, for the most part we all can agree that, the big decision to switch gears can be just as drastic as classical dramatic piece by Shakespeare.

As a four month transitioning musical theatre and dance major in college, I can most definitely say that my hair has often been front and center stage out of everything that has happened in my life within the past few months. Literally, going natural in the middle of my junior year happened to just fall out of the sky! One minute I was getting a “much needed” relaxer during Christmas break and the next minute I was laying in bed in early Febuary of 2013 scratching and fiddling with my hair with a leave in conditioner and the rest was history.

Growing up it was always press after press after press for me. Ritual. Then the relaxers came, but that’s another story for another day. As, I’m sure many can relate, I was always the little black girl with lioness mane that dropped to my back the minute a hot comb would hit. My hair was always my crown as a child. It was mine, whether I was looked down upon for it or complimented for it. No matter what any one feels or says about going natural it is a big deal!! As female of color in the theatrical and entertainment world, my image plays an enormous part in everything I do. “Am I fit for the role? Can I get this job? Will this character come across as believable?” It can be a bit of a whirlwind.

To the relaxed and transitioning people it is without a doubt something that you have to be enlightened about. Find what it is that really gives you that push to just GO FOR IT!! Whether you desire to have strong healthy hair, or just to have the length and volume. Don’t doubt yourself for one minute. It’s so easy to watch the guru’s on the Internet and see the progression pictures and length checks on IG but getting in there and experimenting for yourself is much more entertaining I find!!! My last relaxer was in mid December 2012 and I must say the two textures are absolutely fascinating and blood pumping and the same time. As healthful as it is to research products, hair types, and regiments. Find what best suits you. My big chop which is set for June 2013 and is slowly but surely creeping up and I couldn’t be more nervous and excited. My hair has already gotten use to being trained and nurtured with certain products and protective styles. I have a clearer understanding now of what works and what doesn’t. I can only image how my natural hair will reaction when my relaxed ends are officially dead and gone.

Last but not least. In the past four months I truly know the meaning of PATIENCE. It’s either win or lose. I call it the Golden Rule for transitioning hair and freshly new big chops. Just research, experiment, have an open mind, build a supporting team, be patience and play it cool. Before you know it your hair will be healthier, stronger and livelier in no time!

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