Product Review: Lusters Renutrients Slick Stick

Hair Type: Best for Relaxed/Straight Hair

Having natural hair is NOT the easiest job in the world. Especially for those of us who wear weaves, buns, etc as our protective styles. Many reasons follow the statement. One of the main reasons being, blending and slicking. I have natural 3c/4a hair and finding an edge control that can actually slick down my hair without reverting it has been the hardest thing for me since ORS Olive Oil Edge Control went downhill many years ago. I have tried almost EVERY(exaggeration) product that claims to ‘control your edges’. However, this has to be one of my least favorites.

Easy application
Nice smell

Feels like grease
Doesn’t slick down edges
Feels and leaves hair greasy

The consistency is almost like harden grease. If you have curly edges like I do, avoid this product. Actually, if you even need something to slick your edges down, AVOID this product. I feel as though it is only for those who have chemically straightened edges. It would be perfect for ridding fly-aways, however, you might as well use regular grease to do so. I do not remember exactly how much money I spent on this product but it was somewhere between 5.99-7.99$. However, relaxed hair or naturally straight hair, you might enjoy this product.

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