Mini Twists on Mini-Me: Oh, No She Didn’t!

minitwistThe day my daughter came to me and asked me to put mini twists in her hair for our 2012 family vacay two things happened: I cursed Whitney (Naptural85) under my breath and then I passed out. Well, not in the literal sense. What I did do was crawl under my covers, pull them over my head and went to sleep telling myself “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

You laugh. I’m serious. Have you seen how much hair my daughter has on her head? Strups! That would be sound effects—me sucking my teeth long and hard. Next came her relentless badgering:

“Mommy, please!”

“Mommy, I won’t ask for anything else for a month.”

“Mommy, I promise I’ll keep it in for two years.”

So what happens? I caved. You knew I would. In my defense, however, with our vacation approaching I reasoned that this would be a nice protective style. I wouldn’t have to worry about her hair for the duration of the vacation. Simply issuing a nightly reminder to put on her bonnet would be the extent of any hair discussion. Oh, the freedom. But what I hadn’t counted on were the cramped fingers, followed by numbness, and the bouts of stir-crazy that came from all that twisting. This style took three days to complete and I can honestly say it was beautiful, gorgeous, versatile, all that good stuff, but I will never do it again. If chick ever wants mini twists, she knows she has my permission to text Whit and beg her to do it or she can start twisting now … she might be finished in time for our next trip.


This style was done on freshly co-washed hair. Wide tooth comb or a curl detangling brush helps with detangling and a Denman brush for smoothing out the hair and eliminating those fine tangles. You will also need a spray bottle to rewet the hair for combing and twisting. We also used flexi-rods to curl the twists.


  • Karen’s Body Beautiful (KBB) Ultimate Conditioning Shampoo
  • KBB Sweet Ambrosia in Creamy Coco Mango
  • Coconut Oil
  • Mixture of oils and extracts for the hair and scalp

For those interested parties with tons of patience who have their hearts set on trying this style, for your viewing pleasure.

Disclaimer:  Took three days to complete; took no more than two hours to take out with mini-me’s help. But isn’t that life? Years to create and only seconds to undo.


Published by Michelle Richardson

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