Product Review: Doo Gro Mega Thick Growth Oil

Doo Grow Mega Thick Growth Oil saved my hair through the many years of me wearing weave. During my early days of wearing weave, this is what I applied to my scalp while in a sew-in. When I took my hair down from my sew-in’s I noticed that my hair was still moisturized, soft, and manageable.  Most importantly,  I managed to retain a lot of length.

Lets get into the details, pros and cons.

Light Weight – DGMTGO has the consistency of Olive Oil.
No Harsh Smell – DGMTGO has a light herbal smell.
Easy to Apply – DGMTGO comes in a small applicator bottle which makes it easy to apply to the scalp.

Price – DGMTGO is a bit pricey for amount of product that is given, however, this product does work and it is worth the price. My advice is to use it sparingly.

Doo Grow Mega Thick Growth Oil, runs for about 6.99$+ and it can be purchased almost everywhere. I have seen it in beauty supply stores, bargain stores, Target, Walgreens/Duane Reade etc. It is not a hard product to find. However, if you want to go the easy route, Amazon carries it as well.

This product is perfect for everybody. Whether you’re a weave wearer, braid wearer, transitioner, or natural, this product is sure to make your journey a lot easier.

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    Ingredients Soybean Oil, Soy Methyl Ester, Sweet Almond Oil, Oat Extract, Oat Protein, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter Extract, Fragrance, Propylparaben, BHA, Tea Tree Oil, Retinol (Vitamin A), Ergocaliferol (Vitamin D), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Matricaria Extract, Goldenseed Extract, Hops Extract, Soap Bark Extract, Cherry Bark Extract, Calendula Extract, Henna Extract, Horsetail Extract, Safflower Oil.

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