protect-weaveWeaves make great protective styles and last for many weeks. Taking care of your real hair underneath your weave is very important to achieve healthy hair and retain length. Many people are guilty of neglecting their hair underneath their weaves. Thus resulting in dry and brittle hair as well as little to no length retention when it comes time to remove your weave. If you have ever questioned why this may be the result of one of your take downs; you might be guilty of not taking care of your hair underneath your weaves.

It does not take much to maintain your hair underneath your weave. But keep in mind that moisture is the key to hair growth. However, be sure not to overload your hair with moisture. Here are a couple things you can try to keep your hair moisturized and healthy while it hibernates underneath your weave.

a.) Mix water and leave-in-conditioner in a spray bottle or squeeze bottle and apply to scalp/braids.

I presonally prefer using a squeeze bottle because it is much easier to reach my scalp. I only recommend using the water and leave-in-conditioner mix once a week. Too much water without drying can cause hair to mildew and become smelly.

b.) Put your favorite oil(s) (ie. Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Wild Growth Oil etc.) into a squeeze bottle and apply to scalp/braids.

You can do this as many times as you’d like. I personally do it every other night or when my scalp is itchy. I also use this same oil on my edges to ensure that they do not get thin during the time that I wear a weave. Be careful when applying oil to your scalp because some may drip onto your tracks and may cause your hair to become oily.

Making sure that your hair is moisturized and well taken care of underneath your hair will ensure great results when it’s time to remove your weave. Make sure to take note of which oils/leave-in-conditioners provide the best results for your hair.

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  1. I have a human hair weave with about a 1/3 of my own hair out to cover some tracks; Can I still wash my hair/weave as you suggested? The small section of my own hair is frizzing up, and I don’t want to keep flat ironing it daily.

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