Bantu Knot Out for Your Little One

Bantu Knot Out for Your Little One

Sunday in our home is typically reserved as Mommy and Nia “pamper me” day where we’ll spend hours on all things natural hair and body. We round up product, styling aids and tools we’ll need and use, place them in the locations we’ll use them and it’s off to the sink. This routine varies if Nia’s rocking braids, mini twists or it’s henna time, then it is easily a two-day process instead of one.

This look was achieved with a Bantu Knot Out:


Instead of making huge parts, I opted for smaller ones and twisted each section hoping to give the bantu knot out more definition.


The following morning I applied a little of the natural oils concoction the daughter made to each twist as I unwrapped and separated. We were both pleased with the results. Obviously, she more than I.


In order to maintain this style, tie down with a satin scarf or bonnet. In the morning, lightly spritz with water and oil, shake and go. This style can last up to five days, providing your little one does not continuously play in her hair. My daughter? Ha! She was so enamored with her hair, we got mayhaps three days … tops. She rocked a ponytail the remainder of the week. Lesson learned? No. The fiercer the style, the more she plays with it.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful (KBB) Ultimate Conditioning Shampoo [Before the store in Clinton Hills closed, we’d trek into BK, drop the son off at Miracles down the block for a haircut and head over to Karen’s.]
  • KBB Luscious Locks
  • KBB Sweet Ambrosia in Creamy Coco Mango
  • KBB Hair Blossom Moisture Mist in Lavender Vanilla
  • Mixture of oils and extracts for the hair and scalp


We are product junkies. What we use one week, may not necessarily be what we use the next. However, for quite some time KBB products have been among our favorites.


Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson

ItsSimpleMR (Michelle Richardson), author of the contemporary series Experience Life from a Different Perspective, believes there is so much more to people of color than currently depicted in all forms of media. Through written word, speaking engagements, one-on-one or group sessions, Michelle is determined to show a more positive side to our relationships. For more about Michelle, visit her  website.

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