How to Make a Full Lace Wig with Closure for a Protective Style

How to Make a Full Lace Wig with Closure for a Protective Style

November 27, 20127Comments

I made a wig and it is! Most YouTube tutorials show women who wear wigs but leave their edges out. For those of us with coarse natural hair that’s not an option. You don’t want to relax part of your hair just to blend with a closure nor do you want to go through the heat damage to flat iron the hair to match the texture of the weave. So making a full wig is the perfect option!

I finally took the plunge and bought a closure. I did a TON of research and purchased my closure from a Chinese Vendor named Roman (if you Google him all his info will come up). I didn’t really get the right texture closure to match the texture of my hair from Select Strands, but since I mostly wear the hair straight it’s not a real big problem. I had 3 bundles of the Select Strand’s Virgin Indian Curly hair, in 16″, 14″ and 12″. Because my closure was 5×5 (that’s a large closure), I only needed 2 1/4 bundles, so I had a lot of hair left over.

Check out my tutorial to for step by step info how to create your own full wig! I also have a tutorial on how to customize the size of your wig head to ensure that when you make your wigs they fit your head properly. Nothing worse then a wig that gives you tension headaches!

Let me know if you have any questions and I want to see the styles that you create yourself! Post them to my Facebook page —> link in the sidebar.





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