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Tips on Getting Your Hair Braided in (South) Africa + Prepping Your Braiding Hair


Last month I ventured to South Africa to set off my birthday celebrations and to finally have a chance to meet with the Johannesburg #SmartBrownGirls. One of the undercover advantages for Black women residing in the Americas, Europe and really anywhere outside of Africa, is that getting your hair braided is much cheaper in Africa. continue reading


Fastest Weave Removal? Ez Out Weave Review


I recently heard about Ez Out Weave. It is supposed to be a revolutionary way of removing your extensions in minutes and without hair loss. The general idea is that a solution that consists primarily of n-Butyl Acetate essentially causes the bonds in their rubbery weaving thread to break, so that we do not have continue reading


Solange and Alan Ferguson’s All White NOLA Wedding [Pics]


Solange Knowles and director Alan Ferguson married today in New Orleans in an all white wedding that defied traditional wedding standards instead going for a daring yet simplistic and classic feel. The ladies of the Knowles clan were all in attendance and Beyonce wore a downplayed ‘fit (probably to keep the attention of herself, respectfully continue reading


5 Things to Do Before Braiding Your Natural Hair


Braids (own hair or extensions) are an excellent style choice for naturals of any length.  You can use them when you’re grown tired with your hair and want to leave it alone for a while, or when you just want to change up your style or color.  With minimal maintenance, you can keep them for continue reading

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Five Good Reasons To Wear Weave & Extensions

Women wear extensions, weaves, clip-ins and wigs for a variety of reasons ranging from protective styling, to bad hair days, ease of care or simply for the fun of it. Extensions come in many forms in order to cater to a diverse market. Weaves, wigs and the like have never been just for Black women. continue reading


Product Review: Shea Radiance Leave-In

I got some new products the other day, and I was actually on my way out the door when I decided to try them. One of these was Shea Radiance Nourishing Hair Repair Cream, which is a really thick leave-in conditioner claiming to be really moisturizing. So, as I mentioned, I was on my way continue reading

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Review: Do or Dye – Jolis Hair Extensions

Hi Ladies!  We’re back with the second part of our Jolis Hair review. I wanted to dye this hair to see how it holds up to processing as this is an important factor in assessing the quality of Virgin hair.  I used 40 Volume Developer and L’Oreal Hi-Color Permanent Hair Color Creme to lift the continue reading

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Lupita Nyong’o Talks Skin w/ Elmo on Sesame Street

Sesame street is taking off on it’s 45th season with a bang! First Janelle Monae sings “The Power of Yet” and now we have a deliciously radiant Lupita Nyong’o talking about the ubiquity and purpose of skin with Elmo. Lupita is visually a delight to see and sonically you just want to hear her keep continue reading

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